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Exterior cleaning of business Jet

As a customer, we can provide you with a comfortable, convenient, efficient and safe journey. Clean appearance is the first step to please customers. The shiny wing that reflects the customer's smile makes you feel good from the beginning of the journey. The perfect external maintenance solution in Valentino allows you to achieve all this easily. This program includes:

Deep cleaning of landing gear

External bright metal polishing and coating

Exterior Waxing

Exterior Washing

Deep cleaning landing gear:

Deicing chemical reagents attached to the appearance of the aircraft, salt particles sprayed on the runway, acid rain and freezing rain will affect the aircraft appearance of the corrosion. Especially in the landing device, the impact of corrosion on polished metal and paint surface is particularly serious.

External bright metal polishing and coating:

The polishing effect of the mirror is the only description of our service. Clean and remove bright metal Areas oxide, polished metal, and careful protection around the polishing area, every step we strive perfect. This will not only bring customers a pleasing appearance, but also fundamentally prevent the occurrence of corrosion.

Exterior Cleaning and waxing:

The cleaning agent and protective wax film we use can remove dirt, charcoal, insects, water stains from the body's appearance.At the same time, it provides a protective film for the body, so that your aircraft will be bright and beautiful for a long time.

Exterior cleaning of business Jet
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