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Complete Aircraft Exterior Cleaning
As a customer, can provide you with comfortable, convenient, efficient and safe journey is always the pursuit of our business jet industry .Reflecting your smiles in a sparkling wing is the first step to making the right impression.Haner jets has perfected the art of exterior aircraft maintenance by carefully following a checklist that includes the following protocol:
 ● Landing Gear Refinishing
 ● Exterior Bright Work Cleaning & Polishing
 ● Exterior Buff and Wax
 ● Exterior Dry Wash

Landing Gear Refinishing:
The corrosive effects of de-icing chemicals, runway salt, acid rain and sleet should be addressed with major exterior cleaning and special attention to bright work, boots and paint.

Exterior Bright Work Cleaning & Polishing:

Haner jet cleans your aircraft exterior and polishes your image. The cleaning, oxidation removal and polishing of exterior bright work is a critical part of corrosion protection. During the cleaning process all adjacent areas are meticulously masked off to prevent damage. For bright work that maintains the quality of your aircraft, rely on Haner jet.

Exterior Washing and Waxing:
A special cleaning and protective wax is applied to the exterior of your aircraft, simultaneously removing grime, carbon deposits, insects, oil and foreign substances and weather residue. We’ll protect the exterior finish of your aircraft and polish it to a bright shine.

Complete Aircraft Interior Cleaning Services:
A customized routine for each aircraft is only the beginning of our service. Every interior surface from seats and tabletops to lavatory and galley receives specific and appropriate cleaning, sanitizing and detailing as needed for that turnaround. Leather and wood are carefully cleaned and treated. Any damage or problem areas are noted for review and attention. Regardless of aircraft, turnaround time or condition, our promise is uncompromised attention to detail.
Haner jets can do a better job cleaning and detailing your aircraft because we offer services and techniques our competitors don’t. Our close attention to detail, wingtip to wingtip and nose to tail is unmatched. We also offer the complete line of our environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Complete Aircraft Interior Cleaning Services:
 ● Baggage Compartment Cleaning
 ● Carpet Dry Clean (effective and fast)
 ● Leather Conditioning
 ● Leather Repair, Dry and Touch-up
 ● Odor Removal
 ● Woodwork Re-tone and Touch-up(scratches/dents/chips)
 ● Stain Removal

Carpet Dry Clean:
Dry carpet cleaning, beyond vacuuming and spot cleaning, is essential to maintain both the appearance and life of cabin carpeting. Wet extraction methods are time-consuming and can leave behind moisture that may cause odor or mold. Our proprietary method of dry cleaning leaves carpeting looking and smelling freshly cleaned, yet takes a fraction of the time.

Leather Repair, Dry and Touch-up:
Fine leather requires concentrated attention and professional care for maximum life and luxurious appearance. We use only premium leather care products and traditional techniques for routine cleaning and deep conditioning. Invariably, leather seating and trim requires intensive care. This service and attention to detail ensures a longer-lasting, durable and more natural appearance to worn seating areas. Only Haner jets consistently provides this level of rejuvenating expertise in leather care and aircraft detailing.

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